Criteria for Social Isolation & Loneliness

Criteria for Social Isolation & Loneliness

Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in social isolation & loneliness among seniors. Since we have taken time to identify and understand the negative mental and physical effects of senior isolation, we must now focus our attention on learning ways to help seniors who are lonely or living alone. Let us start by identifying the criteria needed to be considered socially isolated (more than one of the following must apply):

  • Lives alone
  • Never goes out of the house
  • Has no close relatives
  • Never visits anyone
  • Has no contact with neighbors
  • Is alone for more than nine hours a day
  • Has no telephone
  • Nearest neighbor is more than 50 yards away (out of earshot)

Now, here is the criteria to determine loneliness:

  • Feels lonely much of the time
  • Wishes for more friends
  • Does not see enough of friends and relatives
  • Has no confidant
  • Has no real friends living nearby
  • Does not meet enough people
  • Has no one of whom to ask favors
  • Spent the previous Christmas alone and lonely
  • Social isolation & loneliness among seniors during the pandemic is real and there are currently seniors that require long-term care that are not seeking it. We would like to present Balance Assisted Living & Memory Care as the ultimate safe solution against social isolation & loneliness for seniors since our caregivers routinely provide the compassionate care and emotional support that every human being needs. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more.

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